Mount Hood Coalition Against Drug Crime

A Volunteer Community Outreach Program


Each volunteer committee is designed to help promote a drug-free community. Most of these committees have been formed by volunteers who feel that an area of interest has been neglected, which they feel should be enforced

  • Fund-raising
    Raises money for the coalition to use in increasing community awareness
  • Membership Orientation
    Introduces new members to the workings of the coalition
  • Drug-free Workplace
    Works with local businesses to help set up drug-free workplaces
  • Public Relations
    Promotes the presence of the coalition in the community, and creates public awareness of the coalition and its goals
  • County Ordinances & Legislative Development
    Proposes new ordinances & legislation (if needed) to help support police and the community
  • Drug Education
    Keeps the coalition informed about drugs
  • Church Connections
    Works with local churches to develop relevant prayer groups
  • Property Connections Investigations
    Investigates property ownership to determine how best to deal with a drug house and its potential property violations
  • Mentor Development
    Mentors those dealing with active drug houses, teaching them how to do surveillance and work with the police
  • Community Development
    Makes service organizations aware of the coalition, and encourages their participation
  • School Liaison
    Works with the school to help develop drug awareness among children, e.g. setting up programs to teach children the dangers of using drugs
  • Probation and Warrants
    Keeps the coalition aware of probation violations and outstanding warrants against those who may be living in the community; this includes setting up posters of these people in visible community locations
  • Maintenance Patrol
    Monitors the activity at drug house locations, taking license numbers, etc.
  • Rental Properties
    Educates property owners about their responsibility regarding drug use in their rental properties

If you live in the Mt. Hood corridor and would like to join one of these committees, please contact us: