A Volunteer Community Outreach Program




Mt. Hood residents are tired of the crime and inconveniences brought by substance abuse and local drug dealers.
We have Had It!
  • deteriorating neighborhoods
  • robbery
  • vandalism
  • gunshots
  • violence
  • loose animals
  • uncared for children

We’re tired of cars speeding along the once-quiet mountain roads, and we don’t want to be afraid to walk down our own streets, by day or at night. We realize, though, that the police cannot do everything themselves. So we, the residents of the Mt. Hood Corridor, have formed a volunteer coalition against drug crime in our community. This coalition seeks to support local law-enforcement and create a safe environment for residents.

For national information, see the CADCA

Report Suspicious activity in the Mt. Hood National Forest!
-> crime in progress: 911
-> Forest S.A.V.E.R -online reporting page

Latest News

Drug Cartels: Growing Marijuana Illegally In California
Pot Hash Oil Lab Explodes In Beaverton Garage
Thieves Smash Walls To Steal Pot Plants
Oregon Marijuana Warehouse Burglarized
Pot Grower Stolen/Beaten State Licensed Farm/
Pot Farm Odor Impacts Heath of Neighbors
Police_Seize_3000_pounds_Of Illegal Pot

Warrent Photos Updated! (11/25/2017)

Interested in Forming a Neighborhood Watch?

Contact: Clackamas County Sheriff's Office
              Deputy Sarah McClurg

New=> New Affliate:
Drug Free Australia

Visit www.drugfree.org.au

May 17, 2010: Impact Of Oregon
Medical Marijuana
Oregon Sherriff's Assoc

See article for more details

April 29, 2010: Harvard University:
Marijuana - Anxiety, Mood, Psychosis!

See article for more details

April 29, 2010: Steroid Users:
Heart Damage and Attacks!

See article for more details

March 14, 2008:Decline in number of
meth labs and work place use!

The White House as picked up by the Associated Press reports that the Meth use and lab seizures continue to decline. Credit is given to putting cold tablets behind the counter! See article for more details

November 23, 2007: marijuana bust
68690 E. Hunchback Court, Welches

. A property at this address, off of Huckleberry, was found with a marijuana grow. This same property was busted on December 23, 2004 for a large 311 marijuana plant grow.  See notice below that was sent in 2004. See article for more details

Oregon Meth Labs Decline:
584 in 2001 to 14 in 2007

2007-11-20 Portland Tribune - Article on replacement of local meth and associated labs with meth brought in from super labs California/Mexico. Click to Read Story

Oregon Clandestine Drug Lab
Cleanup Program

Oregon has setup a program to help people clean up drug labs. Visit http://www.oregon.gov/DHS/ph/druglab/

Meth Pipes Sold At Portland Convenience Stores

2007-11-01 KGW uncovered hundreds of these screenless glass pipes being sold in area convenience stores. Click to Read Story

Study Results:
Cannabis Disrupts Brain Center (BBC 4/30/2007)

THC showed reduced activity in an area of the brain called the inferior frontal cortex, which keeps inappropriate thoughts and behavior, such as swearing and paranoia in check.

Dangerous Trend!
"Liquid Meth" coming in to country in liquor bottles!

Unnecessary Epidemic
Oregonian Special Report on Dangers of Meth

Excellent in depth article by the Oregonian's Steve Suo (click here)

White House Office of National Drug Control Policy Blog Features Mt Hood Coalition!

www.pushingback.com's recent entry features the Mt. Hood Coalition Against Drug Crime (5/13/05)

(see Press Release)

....additional recent news.

Arrest Warrants

From the Clackamas County She riff..

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